MineralStream™ LED Ionic Shower Head

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Turn every shower into a disco party with the high-pressure, illuminating MineralStream™ LED Shower Head!

Impurities in shower water – from limescale to chlorine – can damage skin and hair, leading to dryness, disrupted pH, rashes, acne, hair fall, and more. With the LED Shower Head, not only do you get the healthy benefits of water softening and filtering, but you also get to experience colorful light play without any electricity!

✔️ Lights up & changes colors without any electricity

✔️ Up to 200% increased water pressure compared to regular shower heads

✔️ 2 types of Germanium stones to filter & soften hard, dirty water

✔️ Uses 30% less water compared to regular shower heads, reducing utility bills

✔️ Suitable for adults, kids, the elderly, and even pets!

✔️ Easy to install & built to last 

    MineralStream™ LED Ionic Shower Head
    MineralStream™ LED Ionic Shower Head
    MineralStream™ LED Ionic Shower Head
    MineralStream™ LED Ionic Shower Head
    MineralStream™ LED Ionic Shower Head
    LED Ionic Shower Head with hosepipe
    LED Ionic Shower Head with hosepipe, refill beads, arm diverter, hand holder

    Bathe in Colorful Brilliance and Illuminate Your Daily Showers

    With the Mineral Stream LED Shower Head, enjoy a colorful shower experience every day. Why choose an ordinary shower when you can go for one which lights up the entire bathroom?

    How does it work? When the water flows through the shower head, it triggers a sensor within the shower head to activate the different LED lights. No electricity needed!

    These LED lights create a visually captivating and relaxing ambiance. Our LED Shower Head is especially loved by children and anyone who wants a disco-like shower!

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    Only The Finest Germanium Mineral Stones Make It Into The LED Shower Head

    • Anion Stones

      Contain negatively-charged ions that extract impurities from shower water, protecting your skin barrier and keeping it soft.

    • Tourmaline Stones

      Known for their healing properties and ability to purify water, they are also good at keeping your hair shiny, healthy, and smooth.

    The Future of Sustainable and Spa-Like Showers

    The Mineral Stream LED Shower Head is perfect for anyone who prioritizes sustainability, but also believes in the power of a good shower! By reducing water consumption by 30%, it saves more than $250 a year in water and energy costs.

    If everyone in the world had a Mineral Stream LED Shower Head, we could save 130 to 150 billion liters (approx. 39.6 billion gallons) of water every year!

    LED Shower Head vs Ordinary Shower Head

    • LED Shower Head

      ✅ 2 types of Germanium stones (anion and tourmaline)

      ✅ Up to 2x increased water pressure

      ✅ Mineral stones filter chemicals and impurities, soften hard water

      ✅ Reduces water usage by 30%

      ✅ Lights up without any electricity, for a disco-like shower experience

      ✅ Reduced Limescale buildup

    • Ordinary Shower Head

      ❌ Cannot filter harmful chemicals or soften hard water 

      ❌ Low water pressure 

      ❌ Damages the pH balance of skin and hair

      ❌ Wastes 60% of the shower water 

      ❌ Does not light up

      ❌ Limescale buildup

    Say Hello to Low Water Bills & High Water Pressure!

    The Mineral Stream LED Shower Head reduces water consumption by 30%, even as it increases water pressure by 200%. Our innovative shower plate features 250 laser-cut holes that push out a small amount of water at great speed. Thus, you can enjoy powerful, gentle showers without worrying about utility bills!

    Even in low water pressure areas, the Mineral Stream LED Shower Head provides high pressure showers. Plus, it’s built to last and suitable even for kids, pets, and the elderly – that’s how soothing it feels on the skin!

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    The Original Mineral Stone Filter System for Your Skin, Hair, and Shower Fixtures

    Hard water causes skin issues like acne, allergies, rashes, and eczema as well as hair issues like dandruff, dryness, and hair loss. It also leads to mineral build-up that reduces the lifespan of bathroom fixtures.

    Mineral Stream’s Original Mineral Stone Filter System – comprising two types of water-softening Germanium stones that only need to be changed every 4 months – is the easiest way to get rid of hard water, limescale, chlorine, and other impurities.


    Can't find Questions? Call Us +1 (866) 819-4959 or Email Us support@mineralstream.co

    What is the MineralStream LED Showerhead with Beads?

    It's an original MineralStream showerhead which combines color-changing LED lights, responsive to water temperature, with the benefits of mineral bead infusion, offering a visually appealing and wellness-promoting shower experience.

    I've seen these showerheads on TikTok; are they popular?

    Yes, these showerheads have gone viral on TikTok and are a favorite amongst influencers. Their unique aesthetic appeal combined with health benefits has made them a trendy bathroom upgrade.

    How does it work?

    Water flows through the showerhead, activating the LEDs, which change color based on water temperature. Simultaneously, the water interacts with the mineral beads, enriching it with beneficial minerals.

    Is an external power source required for the LEDs?

    No, the showerhead uses hydro-powered technology, harnessing the water flow to power the LEDs.

    How do the LEDs reflect water temperature?

    The colors shift as follows: blue for cold, green for warm, and red for hot

    What benefits do the mineral beads provide?

    The beads infuse the water with essential minerals, offering potential skin benefits, reducing chlorine, and balancing the water's pH level.

    How bright are the LEDs? Can I shower in the dark?

    While they add a fantastic ambiance to showers, they might not be bright enough to replace regular bathroom lighting. They're designed more for mood enhancement.

    How long do the LEDs last?

    LEDs have a long lifespan, often between 20,000 to 100,000 hours. Given average shower durations, they should last for many years.

    Are these showerheads safe?

    Yes, they're designed with safety at the forefront. The LEDs use low voltage, and due to the showerhead's sealed construction, water doesn't contact any electrical parts.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 155 reviews
    Sara B
    Absolutely Beneficial!

    The filtered water this shower provides certainly aids in mitigating skin issues. The two types of Germanium stones work magic in softening hard and dirty water.

    Leah R
    Effortless Setup

    Installing the MineralStream shower head was a breeze. I was amazed by the ease wit16. Morning Delight
    My mornings have been transformed since installing the MineralStream shower head. The boosted pressure has the effect of a relaxing, invigorating massage.

    Evonne Covanes
    Bathroom Highlight

    The aesthetic appeal of this LED shower head instantly redefined my bathroom ambi20. Sparkling Showers
    Exciting LED lights, water softening feature, improved water pressure – this LED shower head from Mineral Stream is an amalgamation of all things great. Highly impressed!

    Harolene P
    Brilliant Design

    Credit where its due, the design of this shower head from Mineral Stream is both fu5. Filtering Wonder
    The mineral filtering feature of this LED Ionic shower head is a game-changer. It softens water and helps reduce skin troubles. The increased water pressure is a pleasant bonus too.

    Rubylyn Eigsti
    Love It!

    This LED Ionic shower head is the new star of my bathroom. Its high-pressure feature combined with the rainbow of colors made every shower like a party. The utility bills also reduced, thanks to less water usage. Truly a genius innovation.

    Frank U
    Skin Saver

    No more disrupted pH levels. My skin has seen better days now.
    17. Healthful Showers
    The water softening feature has clearly made a difference in my skin health. I never knew a shower head could do that!
    14. Ideal Pressure Build