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MineralStream™ - Robinet de cuisine 360°

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Vous souhaitez rendre le lavage de la vaisselle plus facile et plus pratique ?

Le robinet de cuisine MineralStream™ 360° peut facilement nettoyer chaque coin de l'évier. Nettoyer sans impasses. Convient pour laver la vaisselle à la main. Empêchez les éclaboussures d'eau à haute pression sur vous.

3 débits d'eau différents : Le robinet peut être réglé sur 3 modes de débit d'eau différents. Vous pouvez régler la quantité d'eau entre la buse d'aération et le puissant pulvérisateur.

Construction robuste : Le matériau en acier inoxydable a subi une galvanoplastie multicouche et un traitement de miroir externe, de sorte qu'il ne rouille pas et ne se décolore pas.

MineralStream™ - Le robinet de cuisine à 360° peut être installé sur le robinet de cuisine, l'évier, le robinet de salle de bain et le robinet de toilette. Facile à installer et à entretenir.

    MineralStream™ - Robinet de cuisine 360°
    MineralStream™ - Robinet de cuisine 360°
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    MineralStream™ - Robinet de cuisine 360°

    What Makes The 360° Kitchen Faucet A Must-Have In Every Kitchen?

    • 3 Different Flows

      Effortlessly switch between 3 different water flows to match your specific needs – from filling pots to doing the dishes by hand.

    • Built to Last

      Made of ABS(Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) that has gone through multi-layer electroplating and external mirror treatment to prevent rust and corrosion.

    • Multipurpose and Easy to Install

      Can be quickly installed in the kitchen sink, bathroom sink, garage sink, outdoor shower, and toilet sink as well.

    360° Kitchen Faucet vs the Regular Kitchen Tap

    • 360° Kitchen Faucet

      ✅ 360° movement and flexibility

      ✅ 3 different flows to adjust the water pressure according to your needs

      ✅ Reaches every corner of the sink

      ✅ Prevents high pressure water from splashing onto you

      ✅ Makes washing dishes by hand more comfortable

      ✅ Easy to install on any regular Kitchen Tap

      ✅ Works even in the bathroom, toilet, and garage sink

    • Kitchen Tap

      Ordinary Kitchen Faucet

      ❌ Rigid and inflexible 

      ❌ Only one type of flow

      ❌ Does not reach every corner of the sink

      ❌ Causes high pressure water to be splashed onto you

      ❌ Fixed position makes washing dishes by hand difficult 

    Different Flows for Different Tasks

    With the 3 flow modes of the 360° Kitchen Faucet, effortlessly switch between different water sprays to match your specific needs. The steady flow setting is perfect for filling pots and containers quickly, while the powerful concentrated flow setting tackles tough cleaning tasks, such as removing stubborn food residue. The gentle aerated flow mode is ideal for delicate items like fruits and vegetables, minimizing splashing and preserving their form.

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    360° Flexibility for Cleaning Efficiently and With Ease

    With its ability to swivel around, the 360° Kitchen Faucet grants you unprecedented flexibility and convenience. Effortlessly move the faucet to reach every corner of your sink; clean large pots, pans, and dishes with ease. No longer restricted by fixed angles, you can now fill containers of varying sizes without awkward maneuvers. Additionally, the 360° swivel directs the water flow precisely where needed, minimizing splashes and reducing mess.

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    Save Water and Time Without Compromising on Performance

    The innovative design of the 360° Kitchen Faucet allows you to effortlessly direct the water precisely where it's needed, reducing unnecessary splashes, spills, and the need to run the faucet for long periods of time. The 3 different flow modes are designed to deliver the right amount of water for each task, minimizing wastage.

    Designed for Longevity and Multiple Uses

    Made of ABS(Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) that’s resistant to rust, wear, and tear, the 360° Kitchen Faucet is built to last for years.

    Additionally, this versatile faucet extends its usefulness beyond the kitchen. In the bathroom, it provides a gentle flow for skincare routines. In the laundry room, it aids in pre-treating stains and filling buckets efficiently. Its adaptability even extends to the garage, where it simplifies vehicle maintenance.


    Can't Find Questions? Call Us +1 (866) 819-4959 or Email Us support@mineralstream.co

    What is the MineralStream's 360-Degree Kitchen Faucet Attachment?

    The MineralStream's 360-degree kitchen faucet attachment is an innovative accessory that allows for a full range of motion when using your kitchen tap

    How does the faucet attachment work?

    This attachment connects to your existing kitchen tap. The 360-degree swivel feature offers flexibility in directing the water flow to any part of the sink.

    Is it easy to install?

    Yes, the design of the MineralStream's 360-degree kitchen faucet is user-friendly and can typically be installed without the need for professional help. Simply attach it to your existing tap following the included instructions.

    Will this fit any kitchen tap?

    The faucet attachment and extender are designed to fit most standard kitchen taps and does so for over 95% of all kitchen taps. As long as your kitchen tap is not very unique, you need not be worried.

    How does the 360-degree rotation help in a kitchen setting?

    The 360-degree rotation allows for greater flexibility when washing dishes, rinsing fruits/vegetables, or filling containers. It's especially handy for double sinks or larger basins, ensuring water can easily reach all areas.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 156 reviews
    Jason Schowalter
    Amazing water pressure for 1.8 gpm

    I was a little reluctant at first to buy this for my RV kitchen sink, I figured the videos had to be doctored. But it was delivered. I installed in within 10 mins, I also installed the 5" extender because I have a deep sink and water always sprays everywhere. The product was very well made, all the connectors were made of brass or metal, and the sprayer itself was heavy, not some cheap piece of plastic. I turned it on, and was amazed at the water pressure I was getting, plus having the 3 settings was a huge bonus! Dont waste your time with the look a likes, or off brands, stick with this one and you wont be sorry!

    Phoebe Vandervort
    Great for travel trailer kitchen sink!

    Nice way to extend water reach. Got it for my travel trailer and love it. Three different spray settings work great and are very useful, each in its own way. Rinsing is much more thorough and faster than the stock head I replaced with this. Very happy!

    Jamal Murray
    I have so much water pressure now!

    I bought this because my kitchen sink was barely dribbling. Wow, what a difference! I can’t even turn the faucet all the way up or I will drench my whole kitchen. I put the extension on my tub sink because it doesn’t have a hose - problem solved! Excellent quality. Great value for the price. Highly recommend.

    Norma Dickens
    Cleaning the sink made easy!

    We all know a clean sink is the first thing on a tidying list, so this tap head was given much respect at our household when it managed to assist hugely in this mission, plus reduce water expenditure at the same time. this tap head was fairly easy to install- though did need some elbow grease.

    It has 3 modes- which is very useful, and it swivels around so every corner of my sink is clean. mind I don't have an enormous sink so check the measurements before you buy- the description is very useful and detailed. note that the hose part is a bit stiff but fear not- it swivels just the same. I received nothing for this review -just writing to share my experience.

    Nasir Gibson
    I will never buy another kitchen faucet with a sprayer. This is much better!!

    This is the second time that I had a kitchen faucet with a sprayer on the side where the sprayer broke! I wanted to find a different option than purchasing another faucet set. This is exactly what I was looking for! It's extremely easy to install.

    It took me about 5 minutes. As all of the other reviewers have said, the water pressure is really strong which is a plus! I love the sprayer itself! It has a wide range of motion so I can reach the very top of the sink when rinsing it out.

    I also like the different spray settings. I have a satin nickel faucet and would have preferred to have one that matched but this one works so well that I just don't care! I will never buy another kitchen faucet with a sprayer. I'm sticking with this one from now on!

    Dina Marquardt
    Top notch product, great value.

    Well made, works very well, well written color glossy instructions. It also came with an aerator on the flex extension so it can be used alone while the sprayer can be used elsewhere, two for one value!

    I just ordered another.