Pommeau de douche Dog Spa noir complémentaire

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Présentation de la pomme de douche à main MineralStream™ Dog Spa, votre solution incontournable pour une expérience de toilettage ultime et une station de lavage pour chien pratique directement à la maison.

Avec trois réglages rajeunissants : jet, pluie et massage, cet accessoire de douche pour chien polyvalent garantit un bain sans stress à vos amis à quatre pattes. La conception innovante des poils, qui comprend désormais des poils en silicone, masse doucement le shampooing sur le pelage de votre chien, rendant le processus agréable pour vous deux.

Principales fonctionnalités :

✔️ 130 trous découpés au laser pour une pression d'eau élevée mais apaisante

✔️ 3 modes de pulvérisation – Jet, Pluie, Massage

✔️ Bouton ON/OFF pour plus de commodité : mettez le flux en pause lorsque vous faites mousser votre chien !

✔️ Poils en silicone pour un massage doux pendant l'heure du bain

✔️ Conception unique pour une prise antidérapante et puissante

✔️ Économise de l'eau, rendant le bain du chien plus rapide et plus facile

✔️ Super facile à installer et construit pour durer

Polyvalente et adaptée à tous les animaux de compagnie, cette station de lavage pour chiens pour la maison est disponible en chrome et noir, assurant un ajout élégant à votre routine de toilettage. Rendez l'expérience du bain de votre chien encore plus agréable avec la pomme de douche à main MineralStream™ Dog Spa – le mélange parfait de fonctionnalité et de commodité.

    Pommeau de douche Dog Spa noir complémentaire

    Introducing the new & revolutionary

    MineralStream Dog Spa

    Better for Your Dogs. Better for the Planet.

    More Power. Less Water


    • Customizable Shower Modes

      From a gentle Light Pressure Rinse to an invigorating Pressure setting, our showerhead is perfect for those searching for versatile shower solutions.

    • Enriched Mineral Experience

      Infused with natural stone cartridges that last up to 6 months, it's the top choice for homeowners wanting a rejuvenating mineral-infused shower every day.

    • Effortless Maintenance with Easy Clean Silicone Nozzles

      With anti-clog and easy-wipe features, it's ideal for those looking for low maintenance showerheads without compromising on luxury.

    • Easy Mode Transition

      Seamlessly switch between your desired modes by rotating the shower panel. It's user-friendly and perfect for those who value ease of use in their bathroom fixtures.

    • Exclusive Settings at Your Fingertips

      With additional Spray and Two-Hole Spray settings at the back, it's a step above other luxury showerheads in the market.

    • Eco-Conscious Choice

      By utilizing the Eco-Friendly Mode, you not only enjoy a revitalizing shower but also play an active role in water conservation, marrying luxury with environmental responsibility.

    Woman with high pressure chrome showerhead

    The Future of Sustainable and Spa-Like Showers

    The Mineral Stream Showerhead range is perfect for anyone who prioritizes sustainability, but also believes in the power of a good shower! By reducing water consumption by 30%, our Shower Heads save more than $250 a year in water and energy costs.

    Replacing your ordinary shower head with an eco-friendly Mineral Stream Shower Head not only elevates your bathing experience but also amplifies your daily contribution to preserving the planet !


    Can't Find Questions? Call Us +1 (866) 819-4959 Or Email Us support@mineralstream.co

    What is the MineralStream Dog Spa Showerhead?

    The MineralStream Dog Spa Showerhead is a specially designed shower accessory for dogs that infuses water with minerals purported to improve fur quality and provide a spa-like bathing experience for your pet.

    Is the showerhead easy to install?

    Yes, the showerhead is designed for easy installation and can be attached to your existing shower hose without the need for professional assistance.

    Can I adjust the water pressure?

    The MineralStream Dog Spa Showerhead typically comes with adjustable settings to control water pressure, ensuring a comfortable experience for different dog sizes and breeds.

    Is the showerhead suitable for all dog breeds?

    Absolutely. The showerhead is designed to accommodate dogs of all breeds and sizes, with adjustable settings to suit the individual needs of your pet.

    Shipping and Delivery

    Orders are processed within 24 to 48 hours. Current shipping times range from 2 days to 8 days based on the shipping service you have chosen.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 23 reviews
    Lisa Harless
    Refreshing Cleansing

    This product, with its three settings, elevates the overall grooming experience3. Transformative Must-Have
    Its made my daily grooming sessions much more easier and quicker. The unique design allows for a firm grip - no more slipping mid-shower!

    Paula S
    Beneficial Choice

    Showering my dog has never been so convenient. The versatility and soothing water 18. Must-have Tool
    The unique design offering an effective grip has aided immensely in my Rottweilers grooming routine.

    Mercedita W
    Simply Impressive!

    This Dog Spa add-on from Mineral Stream is a great asset to pet parents. It offers distinct modes: Jetting, Rainfall, and Massage that perfectly tend to canine relaxation.

    Ann D
    Unique Upgrade

    Effortless installation of the sleek black add-on has advanced my dogs bathing routin6. Water Saver
    Impressed with how it makes the process quicker, thus saving water. High functionality and eco-friendliness combined!

    Jessica L
    Top Choice

    Superb addition to my pet grooming supplies. Such a versatile black add-on that provides 6. Stellar Functionality
    Brilliantly designed add-on. The bristles gently massage the shampoo in and the variable settings make my pups bath time an enjoyable activity.

    Ashley F
    Simplified Grooming

    Handles fur monsters with ease. The bristle design ensures shampoo is evenly dis18. Comprehensive Wash
    Ensures every inch of my dog is well-groomed and clean. The multiple spray modes make it possible!