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Bouteille d'eau à hydrogène

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Libérez la puissance de l'eau hydrogène : découvrez votre révolution d'hydratation portable !

Adoptez un nouveau niveau de rafraîchissement : Découvrez le pouvoir revigorant de l'eau infusée à l'hydrogène où que vous alliez avec ce bouteille portable de pointe. Sa technologie avancée d'électrolyse à cloison ouvre la voie à un monde d'hydratation haut de gamme enrichi de hydrogène moléculaire puissant.

Élevez votre eau, élevez votre bien-être :

    • Une pureté sans compromis : Dites adieu au chlore résiduel, les impuretés, et aux produits chimiques nocifs. Profitez d'un  goût net et croustillant à chaque gorgée.
    • Cycle rapide de 3 minutes : 1 300 PPB de concentration de H2 en seulement 3 minutes. Lors de nos tests, nous constatons une concentration de plus de 2000 PPB pendant le cycle et avons une concentration de 1300 PPB même après 3 minutes d'arrêt.                  
      Hydrogen Water Test
    • Large plage de températures : Profitez de l'eau à température ambiante, froide ou même glacée pour l'infusion d'hydrogène
    • Écran captivant : Regardez l'écran lumineux captivant tandis que votre eau se transforme à chaque cycle.
    • Découvrez un monde de bienfaits potentiels pour la santé :
        • Chargez vos antioxydants : Découvrez une protection améliorée contre les dommages causés par les radicaux libres.
        • Apaiser l'inflammation : Réduire l'inconfort et favoriser une réponse inflammatoire saine.
        • Repoussez vos limites : Améliorez les performances sportives et améliorez votre niveaux d'énergie.
        • Alimentez votre bien-être : Investissez dans un plus sain et plus dynamique à chaque gorgée rafraîchissante.

Plus que de l'eau, cette bouteille portable vous permet d'ouvrir un monde de possibilités.

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    Normal Water vs Hydrogen Water

    • Normal Water

      • Composition: H2O, free of additional molecules.
      • Benefits: Essential for all bodily functions, regulates body temperature, aids digestion, transports nutrients, flushes toxins.
      • Limitations: Doesn't offer additional antioxidant or anti-inflammatory properties.
    • Hydrogen Water

      • Composition: H2O infused with molecular hydrogen (H2).
      • Benefits:Early research suggests potential benefits including:
        Antioxidant protection: May neutralize free radicals, potentially reducing oxidative stress and inflammation.
      • Reduced inflammation: May help alleviate symptoms of various inflammatory conditions.
      • Improved athletic performance: May enhance energy levels and recovery time.

    Feeling Sluggish & Dehydrated? Revive Your Body & Mind with the Science-Backed Benefits of Hydrogen Water!

    60% of you is water, yet 75% suffer from chronic dehydration. Worse, many unknowingly drink low-quality water, impacting their health. But there's hope! Hydrogen water is emerging as a powerful solution, backed by research highlighting its remarkable anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Studies suggest it may benefit over 150 conditions, from fatigue and inflammation to cognitive decline and athletic performance.
    Imagine the possibilities:
    Boost your antioxidant intake: Get the benefits of eating loads of fruits and vegetables in every sip, as shown in clinical trials.
    Soothe inflammation naturally: Experience improved overall health andpotentially reduce chronic disease risk.
    Unleash your energy & focus: Feel more vibrant and productive with enhanced cognitive function and energy levels.
    Crush your workouts & recover faster: Fuel your active lifestyle with improved athletic performance and quicker recovery.
    Go beyond ordinary hydration: Invest in your well-being with hydrogen water. Start your journey to a healthier, more energized you today!

    Elevate Your Health: The Transformative Benefits of Hydrogen-Infused Water

    • Say goodbye to free radical damage. Hydrogen water's antioxidant properties may help protect your cells and support overall health. Experience the difference and supercharge your body's natural defenses.
    • Feel the relief, naturally. Studies suggest hydrogen water may offer anti-inflammatory benefits, soothing discomfort and supporting a healthy inflammatory response. Embrace a calmer, more comfortable you.
    • Push your limits, naturally. Unleash the potential of hydrogen water for enhanced athletic performance. Experience increased energy levels, improved recovery, and maximized results. Fuel your active lifestyle with every sip.
    • Sharpen your mind, hydrate your body. Research indicates hydrogen water may support cognitive function and memory. Enhance your focus, mental clarity, and overall brain health with this innovative hydration solution.
    • Hydrate from within, radiate from without. Discover the potential of hydrogen water for glowing, healthy skin. Its hydrating properties and antioxidant benefits may support a youthful, radiant complexion. Invest in your natural beauty, inside and out.

    Elevate Your Hydration: Dive into the Science of Hydrogen Water

    Ditch the ordinary, embrace the extraordinary! Explore the emerging science behind hydrogen water and its potential to elevate your hydration beyond simply quenching thirst. Discover how molecular hydrogen, infused within the water, might offer antioxidant protection, reduce inflammation, boost energy levels, and even enhance athletic performance. Invest in your well-being and embark on a journey of revitalization, sip by sip.

    From Antioxidants to Athletic Performance: Exploring the Diverse Benefits of Hydrogen Water

    Embrace a holistic approach to health with hydrogen water! This unique form of water goes beyond hydration, potentially offering a spectrum of benefits depending on your needs. Whether you're seeking enhanced antioxidant protection, reduced inflammation for a more comfortable you, or increased energy levels for peak performance, explore how hydrogen water could empower your well-being in diverse ways.


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    What is Hydrogen Water?

    Imagine regular water, the elixir of life, infused with an extra kick of health potential. That's hydrogen water, where additional hydrogen molecules are dissolved into H2O, creating a beverage buzzing with potential benefits. Unlike its plain counterpart, hydrogen water boasts a unique composition that might elevate your hydration game.www.mineralstream.co

    What's the difference between regular water and hydrogen water?

    Both are H2O, but with a twist! Regular water has two hydrogen atoms per oxygen atom, while hydrogen water has additional hydrogen molecules dissolved in it. This difference affects their properties, like ORP (antioxidant potential) and pH (acidity/alkalinity).

    Is Hydrogen Water the New Fountain of Youth?

    While the research on hydrogen water's health benefits is promising, it's still evolving. More extensive studies are needed to solidify its potential as a true health champion. However, its unique properties, particularly its negative ORP and potential alkalinity, make it a fascinating subject for further exploration.

    Isn't regular water enough? Why consider hydrogen water?

    Regular water is essential for hydration and overall health. However, hydrogen water's potential antioxidant properties (due to negative ORP) and alkaline nature are intriguing. Some studies suggest benefits in areas like reducing inflammation, boosting exercise performance, and aiding in certain health conditions, but more research is needed.

    Ever wonder what the buzz about hydrogen water is all about... literally?

    While the bubbles in your hydrogen water bottle might resemble carbonated water, the taste experience takes a different, subtler route.

    Prepare for a Refreshing Surprise:

    Forget the familiar fizz of soda. Hydrogen water boasts a light, clean, and crisp taste, reminiscent of premium quality water. But that's not all! The infusion process elevates the experience further, potentially unlocking a host of health benefits.

    Curious about the hydrogen punch packed in your water bottle?

    3-Minute Cycle: Generates a concentration of 1300ppb (parts per billion), ideal for daily use and basic antioxidant support.

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    No response re faulty button

    Got the bottle it charged but the on off button doesn't work. I have emailed many times with no reply re replacement as per policy.
    Unless I get a response I will be reporting this company to the company registration to have them shut down. Consumer rights

    Mike Eagles
    Good company

    Very easy company to work with. My item arrived broken and they replaced it rite away no b/s or hassle


    It's leaking from the bottom, from the very base where is a hole. It's impossible to use.

    Mariana Iribarne

    Im still waitining they come back my money, more than 1 month, i bougth It 10 april , and the glass was broke, i never can't used It, i wrote and wrote but they dont come back the money.

    I use my brain
    This is a scam and a health hazard

    Are y'all really that stupid?

    Leigh Deering
    Health Ally!

    Apart from the refreshing taste, it proved outstanding in soothing inflammation. It’s more than a water bottle; its a bottle of wellness.